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Kids + Running

I love the 4th of July 5k. It’s warm. We get to spend time with friends. And now, I get to do it with my kids. We actually got to run it this year with my friend Erin and her fam. And the heart the kids put into this 5K made me SO PROUD. TheyContinue reading “Kids + Running”

Why I Run

I feel like a racehorse, in the chute, chomping on the bit. Waiting for those doors to open. Any second now…. That’s exactly how this week has felt as I start to build again. Your body takes 3 weeks to heal from a marathon, even after the pain has gone away, so it’s important toContinue reading “Why I Run”

Now What

Today is my first day back running since the race. Just a little 3 miler. I swear only long distance runners say that because the instant it comes out of my mouth, I remember back when 3 miles was a huge accomplishment. And it is!!!!  My left quad started hurting a bit on my run,…

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The Big Day: Grandma’s Marathon

9 months of training. 62 miles a week. You can imagine how everything can feel like it’s on the line when the day is finally here. And to the line I went. I thought the first few miles would be uneventful but by mile 4 I had to pee. C’mon, can’t a mom catch a…

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I Shall Not Go Gentle

And with a snap of my fingers, we’re off to Duluth for Grandma’s Marathon. It’s finally here and I’m feeling all the feelings. The first race I have ever been all in for. That I gave my everything for. So here I come. Fierce. Ready. Nervous. And I shall not go gentle. Turns out, having…

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