Happy Birthday, Brown!

Happy 13th birthday, Brown! Last year I thought you were 13 too, so really you just gained a year of your life back. So glad the vet documents the year you were actually born.

I think back to the day we adopted your crazy puppy self. Your sharp puppy teeth were a terror to us all. Chase was your game. You would zoom around the yard while we tried to catch you, that silly smile of pure joy lit up your face. It’s the kind of smile that will make the person who sees it smile automatically. You just can’t help it. Tug of war was also a fave. But fetch? Nope. No interest. Zero. Zilch. You would watch the ball fly across the yard like we all were observing a bird flying in the sky. Then turn a lazy eye away to go bask in the sun. And then there were…critters. Namely, squirrels and rabbits. You could sit steadfast for hours watching a squirrel in a tree, knowing any second they would eventually come down to meet their demise. (Insert sinister music) But then we had babies, and you loved your babies. You tolerated those tiny fists of furry, even laid down next to them. Brave, my friend.

Then suddenly our life together, all of our moments together, flash quickly forward to where we are now. And here we are. The babies are growing. They no longer fall on you or grab your lip. The stroller you used to walk steadily aside is collecting dust in the garage. They can walk YOU now. They bring their friends around now. And all them say hi to you and give you a face rub before they all run off together. You received a sign for above your bed labeled Brown’s Bed. Everyone says good morning to you and gives you a kiss or one of those good dog pats. They leave a little bit of food for you on their plate. We play Uno while you try and figure out who will tolerate you sitting on their lap the longest. When you get into the garbage or eat something that was left too low we all yell out “BROWN!” and pretend to be mad but giggle about how silly you are. When someone is sad, we bury our face into side and let your fur absorb the tears. So you see, you have lived all of our best moments with us and you make every moment better. Every. Single. One. Except maybe when you tore up all the papers in the office. Still deciding on that one.

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